💫 Residency with Dutch Design Week

🌿 Freelance Writer, Editor, Researcher


🛸 Contributing Editor at SPACE10

**Availability**: May 2024
**Location:** London, UK 

<aside> 👋🏼 Hi, I’m Linsey. I spend my time researching, imagining, writing, listening, and gardening — to design ways of being and becoming that are gentler for people and the planet.



Primary Expertise

Areas of Inquiry Speculative futures. Radical imagination. Decolonial feminisms. Alternative economies. Inclusive architecture and cities. More-than-human worlding. Indigenous patterns of knowledge. Transformative justice. Regenerative farming and natural wine.

Writing, Editing, Publishing Long and short-form writing. Editorial direction and strategy. Commissioning. Research. Interviewing. Fact-checking and proofreading.

Research for design Qualitative research. Desktop and field research. Interviewing. Report writing and editing. Thinking in systems. Challenge-led innovation. Identifying insights and opportunities. Comparative analysis. Literature review.

Content Strategy Copywriting and editing. Research. Fact-checking and proofreading. Brand strategy. Digital marketing. Social media strategy. Script writing. Branded content.

<aside> ✉️ Email: hello [at] linseyrendell [dot] com


Professional Experience

2022 – 23

Contributing Editor @SPACE10 : Remote & Copenhagen, Denmark

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet. We explore innovative solutions to some of the major social, environmental and technological changes expected to affect people and our planet in the years to come.

My relationship with SPACE10 has evolved from freelance writer (2020-2021) to contributing editor (throughout 2022 and 2023).

Responsibilities: Working with freelance writers to edit both editorial and copywriting commissions from first draft to publication. Editing, fact-checking and proofreading research reports from first draft to publication. Preparing the bi-weekly newsletter including copy, image sourcing, layout, and scheduling. Publishing articles, project and program copy on the SPACE10 website. Writing curatorial texts for exhibitions. Turning internal documentation into project copy. Assisting various project teams with strategy and production of publishing needs. Maintaining and evolving the style guide and upholding the SPACE10 tone of voice. Writing for social media and managing social accounts where needed. Documenting editorial processes and onboarding writers and new editorial team members to tone of voice, style guide and CMS.

Read the articles on SPACE10 Journal, learn more about our projects, and attend our events.

Recent writing ✏️

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2021 – 22

Content Editor @ Planetary Praxis : Remote & Cambridge, UK

Planetary Praxis is an interdisciplinary research group in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge that explores social, digital and environmental justice through practice-based investigations. Research extends from air pollution to deforestation and the climate crisis, considering how technological approaches affect people and the planet.

I developed, managed and implemented all communications for the Planetary Praxis constellation of projects, including Smart Forests and Citizen Sense.

Responsibilities: Developing communications and engagement strategies, designing visuals and writing content for social media channels, liaising with researchers, consolidating academic research into short digestible formats for web and social media, editing and proofreading, preparing and publishing project texts across various websites, website updates including to structure, layout, content, and visuals.

In October 2022, we launched the research platform the Smart Forests Atlas — a living archive and virtual fieldsite exploring how digital technologies are transforming forests. The Atlas platform includes open data from the Smart Forests project, and provides tools for researchers, stakeholders and publics to gather, explore, analyse, annotate, reflect on and reimagine smart forest knowledges and technologies.

Atlas - Smart Forests Atlas

2015 –

Writer and Editor : London. Paris. Naarm.

I'm a writer, editor, and photographer whose work explores intersections of design, environment, equity, and futures thinking. Travel both fuels and nurtures my interest in landscape, culture, and language, resulting in narratives and documentary photography grounded in place. Food and farming are longstanding areas of inquiry that I probe on the page and in practice.

My work has been published with SPACE10, Monocle, Assemble Papers, Peppermint, Exceptional Alien, Openhouse, Broadsheet, The Guardian, ABC, Gourmet Traveller WINE, delicious., Pipette, Habitus Living, NGV Magazine, and The Planthunter.

An in-depth archive of articles can be found here, while my portfolio of books, side projects, and exhibitions can be found here.

Creative Voice #3 (ENGLISH VERSION) – Design critic Linsey Rendell wonders: “What do we really need to live?” - DesignDigger

Firminy: a Corbusian Commune | Assemble Papers

Melodie Yashar - People | Exceptional ALIEN

Cécile Daladier, Ceramicist - Space & Process

2015 –

Copywriter : London. Paris. Naarm.

I consult into design studios and creative agencies to create brand stories for their clients. I also work directly with universities, research labs, worker co-ops, grassroots communities, non-profits, tourism bodies, and small businesses on copywriting, content strategy, and communications commissions.

Research is central to both my editorial and commercial writing practices. Projects may involve brand naming, strategic direction, structural editing, and copywriting to clearly communicate values and key messages across the likes of books, marketing assets, websites, brochures, social media channels, and product packaging. Experienced in both B2B and B2C contexts.

<aside> 🇨🇵 French to English translation available.


Selected clients: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung NYC, Common Knowledge, Monash University, Destination Gippsland, Wine Gippsland, Awaken Organics, Watura, Nalia Cosmetics, Eighty-Eight Graines, The Travelling Pizza Pie, Real Good Wood, Art of Work, Fowlers Vacola, McKenzie's Foods, The Fermentary, Atypic Chocolate, Halle aux Vins, Saké Boutique, Abercrombie & Kent, The Good Seed, Merchant Road, Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne Coffee Merchants, King Arthur Cafe, and James Street Initiative.

Sustainable Development Goals | Transforming Australia

Home - Awaken Organics

Art of Work | Enabling People

Halle aux Vins Online store

Saké Boutique - Shop exceptional Japanese Saké in Australia

Nalia Cosmetics | No-Nasties Skin Care

2015 – 21

Commercial Photographer : ****London. Paris. Naarm.

I produced imagery for tourism bodies, not-for-profits and businesses for use across social media, digital and print marketing materials, websites, and publications.

Selected clients: Flow Gallery, Destination Gippsland, Wine Gippsland, Gorman, All Are Welcome, Craft Victoria, Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, Good Fish, Kitchen at Camont, Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne Coffee Merchants, Momento Mori, Smiling Mind, Merchant Road, Tamil Feasts, Scarf, Messer, Copper Pot, Guild of Objects, Takeawei, Bhang, Red Door Corner Store, Pidapipo, D.O.C., Fairfax Night Noodle Markets, Bonnie Coffee, Edwin Wine Bar and Cellar, marc + co architects, Suitcase Rummage, and South Bank Corporation.